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As a certified SimplyHealed™ practitioner, I want to help you become your best self. Are you who and what you want to be right now? Most of us have some kind of pain or stress in our life that we would like to eliminate or overcome. Maybe you have something, or even many things, that you want to change in your life.

Perhaps you are looking to increase your happiness, have improved health, overcome fears, enhance relationships, be free from self sabotage,  increase financial prosperity, lose weight, or gain greater confidence in an area of your life. Whatever it may be that you are struggling with or would like to improve upon, SimplyHealed™ can help!

Our spirits are housed in a physical  body complete with a digestive, skeletal, muscular, circulatory and many other systems.  Our body also comes equipped with numerous energy systems that help our body systems do their job.  These seven energy systems (including chakras, auras, meridians, and more) can get negative emotions or false beliefs stuck in them, which then can cause disturbances and disease in our physical and mental systems.

SimplyHealed™ is a way to release these low vibrations (negative thoughts, emotions) in a quick and non-invasive way! It is simple, proven, and effective! It can release stress or energy blocks of any kind whether it is from years of pain or daily things that tend to overwhelm us.

"The body is a self-healing organism, so it's really about clearing things out of the way so the body can heal itself."   ~Barbara Brennan


  • "I've had one session so far. I remember that during the session my mood slowly lifted and by the end I felt more peaceful and grounded. I feel somehow it's helped free me up- li..."
    Juliet T.
  • "If you've ever felt like you were preventing yourself from being better, then this is for you. I regularly call on Lisa for help with small things such as focus, concentration a..."
    Lindsey H.
    Nashville, TN

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